Resisting the urge to Hibernate

British Summer Time ended this morning; as I put the clocks back an hour I started to feel down at the thought of the days getting shorter and the nights pulling in. I leave home for work in the dark and arrive back in the evening in the dark, working all day indoors. It’s tempting to feel that enjoying the world outside can go on hold until the Spring. It seems a long way off before we wake again at four in the morning to the dawn chorus or enjoy sunsets late into the evening.

Some people experience a specific seasonal mood disorder in response to this lack of light. Others will just feel low and unmotivated. I’m in the second category and I get the feeling that I want to sleep away the Winter months in a cave like a bear. We know any exercise improves wellbeing and also that exercise in the natural environment has added benefits. So, I’m sharing with you my resolution to take every opportunity to get some fresh air and exercise in the hope that I can inspire myself, and maybe you, not to hit the doldrums this Winter.

I’ve mentioned the Green Gym before; it’s there all year round and many open spaces can be accessed for free. Autumn colours are uplifting at this time of year. Remember the childhood fun of scrunching through piles of fallen leaves? Get in touch with your inner child; it is highly recommended for lifting the spirit. Or pull on a pair of wellies and splash in puddles; what fun!

The beach is delightful after the tourists have gone home. Here in North Norfolk we have wild and dramatic skies with huge expanses of empty sand. It is such a delight to enjoy a windswept walk, arriving back home with rosy cheeks to have hot chocolate, topped with cream and crammed with marshmallows. I’ve included pictures of a walk on Holkham Beach yesterday with our Labrador puppy.

So, let’s get wrapped up in coats, hats and gloves, pull on the boots and get out there!

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