On becoming a student again

It’s only a 3 week course but I’m already getting excited about starting it. That makes me a geek I know, but who cares? Tomorrow I start an online course about digital marketing with Future Learn and the University of Southampton. My fellow students from around the world are already introducing themselves on Google+ and they sound like an interesting bunch to be learning with. I love studying and learning new things. I’m always curious to expand my knowledge about what makes people and society tick. Last year I completed an 8 week online course called ‘The Secret Power of Brands’ also from Future Learn and in collaboration with the Norwich Business School. The connection between brand and occupational therapy lies with meaning and purpose – but that’s another blog for another day.

I got a deep sense of satisfaction using social media with Race2Recovery; sharing their wonderful stories of overcoming adversity and knowing that it inspired people and gave them hope. I want to learn more so I can continue to make a difference in my small way. Social media is sometimes destructive and abusive, but the more that we use it for good, the more positive power can be generated. I enjoy expressing myself and I use creative writing skills with my blogs and tweets as well as artistic talents creating pictures on Instagram. Social media gives me a voice and it is becoming increasingly important for groups within our communities who find it hard to express themselves and be heard.

I invite you to join my learning over the next three weeks and maybe see the results in some of my personal social media accounts on twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and on The Baton on Facebook and twitter @thebastionbaton

Some of my pictures from Instagram; see debsharrison for more…

IMG_0630 IMG_0723 IMG_0618 IMG_0496


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